Screen Printing

Screen Printing is a highly effective print technique for detailed multicolour prints.

It works well for outdoor garments and beach accessories such as umbrellas, carrier bags, t-shirts, bandanas, braai aprons, gym bags, sporting fan paraphernalia, safari and birding log books, diaries, notebooks and folders.

To create prints on your merchandise, we use a light exposure unit and positives to produce a screen that is image exposed. Ink is pushed through the screen using a squeegee or fill blade into the spaces where the image is exposed. This exposure then comes into contact with the product. A heat process finally bonds the ink to its new surface.

Product texture influences final print results. We don’t advise applying text smaller than 3mm.

The artist Andy Warhol screen printed Marilyn Monroe’s image in 1962, which brought this ancient Chinese craft swiftly back into fashion.

Screen Printing Carousel

Screen Printing Carousel used to print multiple colours.