Pad Printing

This printing technique makes it possible to place company specific motifs and itemised data on mass produced ranges of three-dimensional objects.

Industries benefiting from it include the medical industry, computer hardware industry, audiovisual equipment producers, sporting equipment manufacturers, the automotive industry, including toy car production as well as multiple miscellaneous enterprises taking advantage of it for serial numbering and id tagging purposes.

For corporate gifting purposes, we suggest it for smaller plastic knick-knacks which your clientele will probably use on a daily basis, such as items like pens, rulers, key rings, desk-based stationary holders, organisers and notepaper containers.

To achieve the highly detailed outcomes of pad printing, we use silicone rubber pad molds. The molds take up ink from a printing plate bearing the company motif, text or number and transfer it to the item for print. A heating process ensures bonding occurs for a lasting quality print.

Technological developments have given the technique momentum, making it an excellent option for high volume manufacturing needs.

Am item being branded by means of Pad Printing.

Am item being branded by means of Pad Printing.