Laser Engraving

An elegant and permanent marking technique for a range of materials including wood, leather, latex, metals , coated metals, stone, glass and materials used specifically in jewellery design.

The technique is suitable for hard wearing gifts needing clean cut brand messages ‘etched in stone’. We highly recommend it for products intended for office, home and everyday use such as mugs, spoons, glasses, knives, key rings, pens, flasks, sporting equipment, torches, carrier pouches, speciality gift boxes and even personalised jewellery items.

To achieve engravings on your merchandise, we literally burn off the upper layer of the item. The laser’s image results in an absolutely accurate copy of the logo design being imprinted onto the item.

Obviously final colour results of this process are dependent on the original colour of the item beneath the surface and we use no ink or equipment other than the laser itself.

The earliest non-laser engraving dates back to 60 000 years ago , where in South Africa, people marked ostrich eggshell drinking containers with abstract patterns found at Diepkloof outside of Cape Town.

Laser Engraved Keyholders used for Corporate Gifts.

Laser Engraved Keyholders used for Corporate Gifts.