Foil Stamping

The appearance of foil stamped corporate stationary and gift packaging is equally elegant to that of debossing. It is probably also more appealing to the eye at first glance, since we commonly use gold, metal or opaque pigments or metallic foils in the process.

In fact, it can also be applied in conjunction with embossing, the process where a raised impression of a printed image is worked onto the surface of the paper product (not to be confused with debossing, which results in concave surface impressions as detailed in the insert before this – entitled ‘debossing’). Together, foil stamping and embossing can create a very pretty three-dimensional effect on your carefully selected brand fortifying purchases.

We achieve foil stamping by means of manual or air-powered foil stamping machines which transfer the metallic foil to the solid product surface using heat. Other popular items for foil stamping include match boxes, photograph frames, notebooks, birth, engagement and wedding photograph albums, mission statements, awards certifications and select exhibition and conference paraphernalia. Professionals, depending on how they view their industry, might also like to order foil stamped business cards. Foil stamping, like embossing, renders permanent and high quality results which can enhance the appearance of fairly ordinary stationary and gift packaging, guaranteeing the memorable quality and timeless trust of your message and your brand.