Embroidery is an attractive and durable branding technique. Discerning executives and VIP clientele might appreciate signature sports bags, conference hold alls and towels, caps, golf shirts and ties. For office products we embroider a range of useful presents; promo gifts such as pencil bags, cushions for one’s reception area sofas, branded tea towels for the staff canteen. We suggest embroidery as the classic way to stake your brand’s position with perfectly embroidered dress shirts and jackets. Airline staff, customer service support, hospital teams and hoteliers usually need to wear some sort of uniform; embroidery is the professional answer for the professional look.

Think about embroidering brand logos onto items such as office curtaining, table clothes and lunchtime linen serviettes for formal gala dinners and ceremonial events.

Current embroidery techniques are digitally driven. Traditionally, embroidery involved using a needle and various strands of coloured thread to create a design on a piece of fabric by hand.

Our software is loaded with specific embroidery files which our machines read. As many as 9 colours can be embroidered mechanically. We advise larger designs and texts sizes for this technique, as extremely fine details remain a challenge being worked on by design engineering teams across the world.

Embroidery Machine Embroidering a Cap.

Embroidery Machine Embroidering a Cap.