Our dynamic 4400mAh Optimus Power Bank, available in 11 vibrant colours, has just arrived in stock.

Also featuring a torch, this power bank is useful during load shedding.

Optimus is presented in a black window box, together with a microfibre pouch and Micro USB Cable.

TECH-4429 – Optimus Power Bank & Torch

There are many power bank importers in South Africa and whilst certain models appear the same on the outside there are often vast differences on the inside, particularly when it comes to battery quality and true capacity. With the possibility of poor quality, inferior batteries overheating and exploding it is of paramount importance to us, as the industry leader in the power bank category, to supply you with power banks that have undergone significant safety and compliance testing in our factories in Asia.

Based on numerous client requests, we have created a Power Bank Safety PDF for you to send to your clients, illustrating the steps that we follow to ensure that your clients receive the safest possible power banks and can choose a product that they are confident to place their logo on.

Additionally, the document outlines the most important terms associated with power banks and features a useful comparison table of our 20 models (which are backed up by deep inventory levels) so that your clients can choose the right model for their needs and budget.

To download our Power Bank Safety PDF, click here.