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Monkey House Promotions – Consult with Experts


As South Africa’s premier promotional gifting company, Monkey House Promotions manages all aspects of company branding for maximum profitability on your gifting, graphic design, print media, digital media campaigns and content writing budgets. A valued audience and existing clientele respond to branded messages that demonstrate a high amount of consideration of their personal experience.  Monkey House will consult with you in depth and design your campaign to make your audience feel good, and take the proverbial slippery slide that results in a willing buyer. Our strategies position your brand to enhance the expectations of the target market; leading to ongoing engagement along with growing brand loyalty. Our consultant strategy covering all aspects of branding, sets out to make every one of your client’s a brand ambassador for life.


How do we achieve this for your brand? Our services stand out with relevant and consistent processes in place to maximise the concepts that drive your company image. In addition to years of ‘being in the business’, we also pride ourselves on our commitment to continually innovating on existing models of best practice. Ultimately our clients enjoy and benefit from our X-factor, evident in all our campaigns.


We apply an integrated approach to the branding consultation processes. We assist buyers to choose high quality gifts and promotional items that are useful, entertaining and appealing. We offer advice on which printing techniques, from our range, will render the best results on your chosen products. We design compelling logos and graphic designs for products, print media and digital media campaigns. Our content writing is characterised by four important factors that brands thrive on; it is concept rich, succinct and keyword savvy. We employ a thorough focus on capturing the spirit of your brand through the written word. Our copywriting concepts translate into reading experiences that support brand identity. We achieve this through consultation, analysis, keyword selections and various other linguistic factors that contribute to targeting an audience with reader-friendly content.


We are confident that our clients will gain the attention of their target audience, increase engagement, earn greater profits and boost brand loyalty with branding consultations that cover every aspect of client engagement. We are the forerunners in Through the Line (TTL) marketing, where our integrated communication approach targets your audience and valued client base applying a scope of techniques that are personable and therefore engaging.