This technique is probably one of the most elegant and understated in our range. A sophisticated message comes with executive debossed leather, paper and vinyl products. With debossing, the appeal of a gift bearing the name of your company never goes unnoticed on items such as notebooks, folders, binders and hardback paper desk diaries. Paper-based items such as invitations, company specific greeting cards, place names for gala dinners and limited-stock promotional items make their mark in a visual and tactile way.

Embossing and Debossing involves stamping a design into the surface of an item, causing there to be an impression pushed into the material. The results are a concave imprint or indented design onto gift selections.

We effect debossing by applying heat and pressure to a template of your company logo or name to the surface of the gift. The process then entails placing the material to be embossed between two metal dies and the imprint is literally squeezed onto the material.

Debossing creates a truly permanent stamped impression on gift items which cannot deteriorate in quality easily, it embodies the stately appreciation you would want to show to your most weighted business associates.